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Our Team

We’ve carefully built our team over many years, to provide your business with a group of savvy professionals who are more than the sum of their parts. Our staff can take the most complicated of numbers and help you turn them into smart business decisions. Here you’ll find just a glimpse of the diversity that makes the team so strong.


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Greg Crabtree, CPA

CRI Partner - Simple Numbers Author

Direct: 256.562.2340


Greg Crabtree is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and financial expert. Greg has used his entrepreneurial skills to develop CRI Simple Numbers which is focused on the needs of entrepreneurs, helping them build the economic engine of their businesses. Working with entrepreneurs all over the country in a broad range of industries...



Juliann Rowe, CPA

CRI Partner

Direct: 256.562.2339


Juliann looks at herself as a problem solver. Honing in on those skills, she loves logic puzzles. Like a detective, she likes solving the mystery by connecting all the dots.

Juliann has always been interested in problem-solving and finding solutions... FULL STORY >>

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Brandon Gray, MBA

CRI Partner

Direct: 256.562.2333


Brandon Gray is a lead Profitability Consultant for CRI Simple Numbers. Brandon graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Finance from the University of North Alabama, later returning to his alma mater to obtain his MBA in Finance... FULL STORY >>

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Mike Maxson, MBA

CRI Partner

Direct: 256.562.2337


Mike is a 2004 graduate of Gannon University where he played baseball and obtained an accounting degree that would serve him well in his future career at CRI... FULL STORY >>

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Marcus Williamson, CPA

CRI Partner

Direct: 256.704.0626


Marcus Williamson provides specialized consulting and bookkeeping services tailored to a diverse range of industries. His expertise in developing and refining accounting systems and processes... FULL STORY >>

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