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Crabtree, Rowe & Berger, P.C. has merged with the nationally recognized accounting firm of Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC (CRI) and our office will now operate under the name of Carr, Riggs & Ingram.

We will continue our tradition of community support and delivering quality audit, accounting, tax, and consulting services—now with enhanced service capabilities available from a regional firm that is one of the Top 25 firms in the U.S. For more information regarding CRI’s 50+ office locations, more than 1,900 professionals, or industry and service specializations, visit our new firm’s website.

About Us

The Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC – Huntsville Office is a business profitability consulting and CPA firm located in beautiful Huntsville, AL, the “Rocket City”. Huntsville is a leader in technology and engineering, with more engineers per capita than Silicon Valley. We want to continue that tradition of innovation and progress with businesses all over the country. Our location consists of over 40 team members (and counting), all passionate about providing CRI Simple Numbers consulting, tax, and accounting services for entrepreneurs and businesses both small and large. Though we originally began as a traditional local accounting firm, focusing on tax preparation and the occasional audit, it became clear that there was a distinct demand among entrepreneurs for growth strategies tailored specifically to their own business’s data. And who better to find the trends in that data than accountants.  Over the years we have expanded our client base as Greg’s message resonated with business forums, mastermind groups, and conference-goers. We have clients from coast to coast and even internationally.

Our business model is simple and effective. We use our CRI Simple Numbers methodology and financial modeling to elevate our clients by showing them the key numbers to make actionable decisions such as labor efficiency, return on invested capital, and salary cap. We look in the past and current to identify trends and then forecast forward to assist our clients in creating a planned outcome and establish financial truth. As an enhancement to this approach we offer the full spectrum of CPA services that allows our clients to have financial strategy and compliance all under one roof. Our mission is to give our customers fanatical service with the right people, at the right time, at the right price, blending skills from the best of CPAs, MBAs and CFOs.


What We Do

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs fine tune the economic engine of their business for maximum, true profitability.

We Provide:

  • Proven financial strategies created from our database of hundreds of growing businesses

  • Quarterly tax planning that keeps you in control with no "April Surprise”

  • A predictable fee structure that allows you to budget for your financial service needs

Why We Are Different

Where others see numbers, we see opportunity. We provide clear, straightforward data – CRI Simple Numbers – as leverage to monitor business, make informed decisions, and adjust trajectory for growth. The foundation of a successful strategy is having the right pieces in the right places. We solve complex financial problems for clients and provide them with the tools and services to ensure maximum, long-term success.

How We Work With You

We understand there is no one-size-fits all formula to address your needs. Some days you just might need a pep talk, or a quick answer from your accountant. Other days you’ll need us in your office for a day, helping you make big decisions. Then there are days when you need the entire CPA team doing battle on all fronts while your company is in crisis mode.

We understand. Let us know the level of service you need and the way you’re most comfortable working with us.


Working with Greg and his team has been a wonderful experience from start to finish. That’s a rare thing these days. They are the 7th or 8th accounting firm I’ve tried over the past 10 years.

Jesse Cannone, Healthy Back Institute

Interested in joining our team?

We’re looking for team members who are interested in guiding the engine inside the entrepreneurial machine; digging into the core driving numbers of finance, locating the pulse of the business, and revealing the strategic opportunities awaiting our clients.

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