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Brandon Gray, MBA

CRI Partner

Direct Dial: 256.562.2333


Brandon Gray is a lead Profitability Consultant for CRI Simple Numbers. Brandon graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Finance from the University of North Alabama, later returning to his alma mater to obtain his MBA in Finance. He has a passion for business strategy and helping clients develop the right one for their market. The challenge and total process of working with clients on consulting arrangements, including cash flow modeling, profitability analysis, and leading our CRI Simple Numbers signature Planning Sessions, keeps Brandon engaged and focused. Brandon is an integral member of the executive management team. He is actively involved in the strategic management of the firm, including involvement in client services and onboarding, hiring, firm culture, and process improvement. In addition to his activities with CRI, Brandon is the co-founder of the Disciple Game Plan – “A Christian Game Plan to Winning in your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Life.” As a professional speaker and author, Brandon regularly coaches entrepreneur groups and athletic programs (including nationally ranked college football teams) on maximizing personal and professional performance. Brandon and his wife Julie are blessed with 3 daughters

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