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FAQs | Simple Numbers

How did Simple Numbers get started?

In a meeting with his EO Forum, Greg Crabtree learned that his forum mates wanted more from their accountant, i.e., No April 15th surprises, no bill-by-the-hour services, and, most importantly, analysis of financial data. From there, Greg began doing financial modeling and consulting for clients, eventually turning it into the CORE service and authoring two books on business finance.

What is the profile of your typical client?

An entrepreneurial business owner committed to a planned outcome focusing on the business's health, growth, and profitability.

How do you work with clients? What tools do you use? What are the deliverables?

Our Simple Numbers methodology and financial model are our main deliverables to the marketplace. We elevate our clients by showing them the key numbers to make actionable decisions such as labor efficiency, return on invested capital, salary cap, etc. We kick off every engagement with a deep dive and initial planning session. We look at the past and current to identify trends and then forecast forward to assist our clients in creating a planned outcome and establishing financial truth. After the session is complete, we offer ongoing rhythms, i.e., monthly or quarterly, essentially inserting ourselves as the financial analysis arm of the business. As your company improves and grows, we expand the model and provide additional analysis and support. Overall, you can expect:

  • Analysis: A thorough breakdown of your business focused on the numbers that matter not only now but, in the future, as we plan health/growth

  • Alignment: The why behind what we are looking at. When we say labor efficiency, our clients understand its meaning, movement, and driving factors.

  • Action: By consistently presenting the data in our discussions, our clients are inclined to act as they see the obstacles and pitfalls before them but, most importantly, maximize the opportunity displayed in the data.

  • Accountability: By seeing what is working and what is not, our clients can hold themselves and their team accountable for performance.

  • Every client we onboard must go through an initial kickoff session (we have two options).

What does a typical sales cycle to identify and bring in a client look like?

After our initial service discussion, we send a follow-up email with the information discussed and additional information about our firm and process. If everything looks good, the client chooses which kickoff session, and the ball gets rolling.

What role does their current CPA (Certified Public Accountant) play working with Simple Numbers?

If you like your accountant, you can keep your accountant! About 50% of our clients use one or more of our services besides consulting services.

What is the process for onboarding? What is the client involvement in getting started?

If you can believe it or not, it's pretty … Simple! If clients want to move forward, we send a "getting started" email with a document request list, strategic questionnaire, and setup form. After the session, should a client want to continue, a scope of work is drawn up outlining the consulting service and any additional projects or services. This process typically wraps up within 60 days of the initial meeting.


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