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CRI Simple Numbers: Elevating Traditional CPA Expertise

At CRI Simple Numbers, we honor traditional CPA practices and enhance them with innovative methods. Our goal? To keep your finances in check and propel your business forward with strategic insights and tailor-made solutions.

Here is what makes us different in the financial services world:

  • Data-Driven Strategies: We utilize a rich database of business intelligence to formulate financial strategies that are both innovative and practical. We set new standards in the industry.

  • Clear, Predictable Pricing: We keep our pricing transparent and predictable. This means you can plan your finances without worrying about unexpected costs sneaking up on you.

  • Customized Services for Every Business: We get it – every business is different. That is why we offer everything from quick catchups to deep strategy sessions designed to meet your specific needs.

Think of us at CRI Simple Numbers as more than just your accountants – we are your strategic partners, here to help your business grow and succeed.

Our Comprehensive Approach vs. Traditional CPA Services

Service Aspect

Conventional CPA Services

CRI Simple Numbers Offerings

Engagement Rhythm

Scheduled as needed

Pre-scheduled, consistent monthly engagements

Analytical Approach


Built on collective expertise and diverse industry insights

Operational Process

Traditional methods

Streamlined and optimized for top-notch performance

Technological Tools

Standard industry tools

Advanced, proprietary modeling and forecasting tools

Expertise Level

Professional expertise

​A diverse team with multi-tiered expertise

Professional Credentials

Standard accounting certifications

Leaders in profit optimization

Additional Resources

Varies by firm

Extensive Library: Podcasts, Events, and complimentary tools

Pricing Structure

Typically, hourly rates

Value-based fixed fee

Client Coaching

As per client requests

Consistent, relationship-focused support

​Year-Round Availability

Varies, often limited outside tax season

All year round, whenever you need us

In today's world, where numbers tell the story, we focus on giving precise, easy-to-understand data. This helps you monitor how your business is doing, make intelligent decisions, and plan your next significant steps.

Contact us for a personalized consultation and see how our custom-tailored financial solutions can take your business to exciting new places. Let's mix traditional expertise with modern approaches to drive your business to greater success.


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