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Why Simple Numbers?

Over the years, we’ve taken hundreds of calls with small business owners to gather valuable insights. Understanding what works and what doesn’t, exploring innovative ideas and re-evaluating traditional methods, and identifying the requirements to achieve business goals are all part of the process. What have we learned by doing all of this? That finances rank at the top of the concerns list for most entrepreneurs. They often ask questions like:

  • How can I determine which numbers are crucial?

  • When should I consider hiring someone?

  • How do I forecast accurately?

  • What is the value of my business?

  • How can I improve cash flow?

  • Is a CFO necessary for my business?

The Simple Numbers methodology and financial modeling were created to help business owners visualize planned outcomes based on targets backed by data. Think of this as a “CFO-lite” service offering, catering to small businesses that find the cost of an internal CFO too expensive or who do not require full-time CFO services. Through deep-dive kickoff sessions, we set up modeling and dashboards, and utilize ongoing monthly or quarterly sessions to maintain momentum while addressing business owners’ financial needs.


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