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Marcus Williamson, CPA


Direct Dial: 256.704.0626


Marcus Williamson provides specialized consulting and bookkeeping services tailored to a diverse range of industries. His expertise in developing and refining accounting systems and processes ensures compliance with rigorous standards and alignment with the growth trajectories of his clients. Marcus' methodology goes beyond conventional data analysis; he delves into data to uncover actionable insights, affirming his conviction in understanding the stories behind the numbers. This approach equips businesses to move confidently toward their goals with a base of solid, informed assurance.

Priding himself on his ability to distill complex financial concepts into clear, actionable strategies, Marcus offers invaluable guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners facing the challenges of growth and scalability. This capability establishes him as an indispensable partner for small businesses on the cusp of significant development.

Marcus' academic background, with degrees in Accounting and Finance from The University of Alabama, provides the cornerstone for his career marked by detailed financial management and creative consulting. Holding the titles of Certified Public Accountant and Xero Advisor, Marcus showcases his professional expertise. Yet, it is his profound dedication to empowering clients with clear financial understanding and operational transparency that truly sets apart his work.

Marcus' pursuit of personal growth extends beyond his professional sphere, with a commitment to fitness, golf, and a vigorous reading schedule—aiming for five books a month. This pursuit reflects his professional philosophy, embodying a life committed to excellence across all facets.

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